Why Case Entry is
Important for
Your Firm

Michael A. Haggard, Esq.
The Haggard Law Firm
Coral Gables, FL


I can’t impress upon attorneys enough the importance of entering your settlements and verdicts into the CaseMetrix database.  This information is helpful to everyone in the network who is evaluating cases and then using the data in their negotiations to achieve the best settlements possible for their clients.  If you’re not a member of CaseMetrix, I encourage you to join.


Case Intake

Search your case at point of intake

  • Decide whether to take on a case or refer it out
  • Plan your time and budget accordingly
  • Manage client expectations with objective data
  • Evaluate risk and measure reward



Print reports for mediation

  • Send reports to adjusters and opposing counsel ahead of mediation
  • Share your own cases on CaseMetrix letterhead
  • Find reports specific to carrier and venue


Report your settlement or jury verdict

  • Data is 95% settlements and 5% verdicts
  • Outlier verdicts drive settlement value
  • Attorneys choose case by case whether to associate their own name in the database
  • Detailed reports track trends and keep the network informed
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