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Using CaseMetrix
Data in Nursing
Home Cases

  I’m constantly inspired by our clients who have found unique ways of using the CaseMetrix database.  While we do not have an independent database to solely address nursing home cases, we do have attorneys in the network focusing on this specialty.  Here’s what they’ve taught...

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Benefits of the Cloud

The CaseMetrix database can be accessed by subscribers any time, any place utilizing any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.  Know your clouds! Our data is stored “in” the cloud in secure facilities throughout the country and I am currently writing “on” the cloud in...

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Tommy Malone’s
Biography – Review

If you haven’t yet read Tommy Malone’s biography, "Tommy Malone, Trial Lawyer:  And the Light Shone Through.  The Guiding Hand Shaping One of America's Greatest Trial Lawyers",  I encourage you to do so regardless of whether you’re an attorney.  This book isn’t a primer on how...

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