Presentations & Educational Videos

Why CaseMetrix?

David Williams: Using Technology to Increase Profitability

Matt Wetherington: Using AI in Your Law Practice (Sept. 2023)

Karonnie Truzy: Deposition Obstructions and How to Deal With Them

Michael Haggard - Mass Shootings

Blade Thompson: Utilizing Technology to Manage Your Law Firm More Efficiently

Morgan Adams: Objections to Written Discovery in Federal Court Under the New Rules

Steve Lowry of Harris Lowry Manton, LLP: Effective Storytelling through Demonstrative Exhibits

Judge Alvin Wong, Jeff Shiver, Alan Hamilton and William Casey: Settling Cases During Covid 19

Michael Haggard: Latest Trends in Negligent Security Cases

Jeff Harris - Jury Dynamics: How Juries Make Decisions in Complex Cases (Jan. 2021)

Jim Perdue, Jr. - Different Thoughts on Jury Selection for a Different World

Michael Haggard: Post Pandemic Law Practice

Kenny Berger: Laying the Foundation with Lay Witnesses (Feb 2021)

Ken Levinson & Lauren Fraser: 500 Million In Verdicts, Hundreds Of Focus Groups: Lessons Learned