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Used by thousands of plaintiff attorneys in the Southeast to achieve the highest settlement on each case by eliminating guesswork.

Get Higher Settlements

Achieve the highest settlement on each case by searching multi-million-dollar cases, defense verdicts and the vast middle layer of settlements & verdicts never before collected & reported.

Find Comparable Cases

Hundreds of objective search parameters and thousands of cases allow fast targeting of comparable cases.

See What Carriers Pay

See what various carriers are paying on particular types of cases.

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Other Benefits

  • Search multi-million-dollar cases, defense verdicts and that middle layer of verdicts & settlements never before collected & reported
  • Litigants’ names are never revealed
  • Manage clients’ expectations by demonstrating what cases are worth
  • Bill back your monthly research fee to clients
  • Receive automatic email updates when cases similar to yours are resolved
  • Communicate directly with attorneys in the network
  • Decide on a case-by-case basis whether to reveal your name or the names of carriers


5% Verdicts & 95% settlements

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