Defense Attorneys

Used by thousands of defense attorneys in the Southeast to help insurers set reserves, manage risk and achieve the best settlement on every case by finally eliminating guesswork.

Manage Risk

Help insurers set reserves & manage risk

Manage Plaintiff Expectations

Manage plaintiffs' expectations by producing reports of defense verdicts

Adequate Authority

Receive adequate authority to settle cases

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Other Benefits

  • Search multi-million-dollar cases, defense verdicts and that middle layer of verdicts & settlements never before collected & reported
  • Achieve your best settlement on every case, finally eliminating guesswork
  • Receive automatic email updates as cases like yours resolve
  • Communicate directly with an entire network of attorneys
  • Search Southeastern US cases or narrow to your state and county
  • Help insurers set reserves & assign adequate authority to resolve cases
  • Choose whether to reveal your name or your carriers when entering cases
  • Input cases deciding whether to reveal themselves or carriers
  • See 95% settlements & 5% verdicts


5% Verdicts & 95% settlements

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