Motor Vehicle

Our Database

  • Consists of 95% settlements (pre-suit and litigated) and 5% verdicts.
  • CaseMetrix will run all your searches for you with our proprietary automated search algorithm.
  • Live, searchable databases in Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina and Tennessee. ¬†We are collecting case data now in Alabama.
  • The database has grown 47% larger in 2015 than all prior years combined.
  • 75% of cases are less than 3 years old.
  • 16 different searchable options (400+ body area/injury combinations, venue, medical specials, defendant type, insurance carrier, etc….) allowing you to narrow it down to the cases that you are looking for in seconds.
  • Searches can be saved and automatic email notifications sent when matching cases are submitted.

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  • Is a real-time database; cases settled or adjudicated can be searchable on the same day as resolution.
  • Allows attorneys the flexibility of identifying themselves with particular cases.
  • The majority of the data is primarily conventional cases that most personal injury attorneys deal with daily; the middle layer of verdicts and settlements that have never before been collected.
  • Gives attorneys an objective tool to manage client expectations.
  • Receives contributions from both sides of the bar on the same case.
  • Is a network of attorneys, not simply a searchable database.