Motor Vehicle Database

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CaseMetrix collects Motor Vehicle Accident cases involving anything with wheels, from skateboards to 18 wheel tractor trailers and everything in-between. Our real time database is updated continuously during the day with new cases that are coming in from not only the CaseMetrix network, but also a variety of other sources as well.

We have injury data on over 400 body areas and specific injury combinations, as well as information on treatments like injections and surgery and whether future surgery is recommended.

While we have the large 8, 9, 10 and higher figure verdicts, as well as defense verdicts, the majority of the data is primarily conventional cases that most personal injury attorneys deal with daily. This is the middle layer of verdicts and settlements that have never before been collected and made available.

Motor Vehicle Database

Anything that has wheels on it, from skateboards to tractor trailers and everything in between with thousands of injury and treatment variations.


Most attorneys have a vague idea of what a case is possibly worth, but there are a number of factors driving value that make it almost impossible to have a precise estimate.

For example, treatment regimens, citations, transportation from the scene, insurance companies, adjusters, plaintiff and defense attorneys and venue can combine in unexpected ways to expand, or inhibit, the value of a case. A digitized database with world class, virtually instantaneous searching capabilities gives you a precise answer in seconds.


How has a particular judge ruled in trials with similar fact patterns; how do juries really evaluate the impact of a DUI in a case, compared to plaintiff and defense attorneys; are particular venues categorically conservative or liberal (hint, the answer is “No”);  do insurers or defense attorneys or plaintiffs attorneys have a track record of success in trials; how many similar cases have had defense verdicts; have other insurers been hit with 8, 9, 10 or even higher figure verdicts in similar cases? 


Everyone knows the multi-million dollar hot coffee verdict of years past but the reality is that no plaintiff has the foggiest notion of what their case is really worth. All they know is what their friend at work or cousin told them. The attorney can try and convince them he or she knows what it’s worth, but nothing is as convincing as neutral, third party reports showing similar cases with averages and medians. Plaintiffs attorneys use CaseMetrix reports to get cases settled faster by showing their clients they have a good offer on the table. And happy clients bring back their friends as referrals. 

Similarly, insurance carriers only know what they’ve been settling cases for or how much they’ve lost in jury trials. They have NO idea how other carriers have fared. None. Only one carrier can be the very best at settling broken leg or trucking cases and chances are very high that your carrier isn’t it. Defense attorneys use CaseMetrix reports to show their clients what has already happened in the courtroom or mediation so that they set reserves appropriately and avoid the risk of a jury trial.

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