Why CaseMetrix?

Why CaseMetrix?

CaseMetrix was started in Atlanta, GA in 2009 to address a simple, yet fundamental problem in the world of personal injury litigation: 95%+ of all cases settle (as opposed to being tried in front of jury) and absolutely no one had a comprehensive guide to those values; not plaintiff attorneys, defense attorneys, insurance companies and certainly not the general public.

It was as if people were buying and selling houses without benefit of a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Before CaseMetrix, case value was negotiated based on personal experience, guesswork, personal networking and oftentimes, brute force personality.

Like houses, personal injury cases have individual characteristics that drive value: type of injury (we collect over 400 injury combinations), degree of liability (e.g. DUI, Hit and Run), treatment (surgery, injections, physical therapy, etc.), the particular insurance carrier (we have over 1,000 insurers listed that write bodily injury coverage), the type of defendant (individual, trucking company, corporation), “location, location, location” (the venue of the case) and the attorneys handling the case.

  • Verdict 5% 5%
  • Litigated Settlement 42% 42%
  • Pre-Suit 53% 53%

What’s Your Case Worth?

It’s simply impossible for any one person to absorb that much information on injury cases and determine an accurate value range, regardless of years of experience. Even insurance carriers, with tens of millions of dollars invested in database infrastructure and analytics, only know what they do: they don’t know how their competitors settle the same type cases.

There are a few national legal databases that collect primarily verdicts even as jury trials continue to decline. These cases are usually contributed by plaintiff’s attorneys in large metropolitan areas eager for publicity on outsized verdicts and are similar to trying to assess house value by comparing a typical bungalow to a series of multi-million dollar mansions. They’re clearly not remotely similar.

For the first time, CaseMetrix brings together cloud based technology infrastructure, analytics, and an easy to navigate search interface with a large volume of settlements and verdicts, to finally answer the question: “What’s it worth?

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